Best Spark Plugs

Spark plugs release an electrical spark across a tiny gap to ignite the combustion required to start your vehicle, so don't be fooled by their diminutive size.

Your vehicle can roar to life, keep running, and give a smooth burn of the compressed air-fuel mixture by setting the pistons in motion. Is it time to change the spark plugs in your engine? Join us as we look at the best spark plugs for keeping your engine running smoothly.

Best Headlight Bulbs

Everyone understands the need for good headlight bulbs for any nighttime driving. That naïve animal just a few feet from your headlights, or that unexpected turn in the road, can mean the difference between life and death.

Replacing your headlight bulbs with the best halogen headlight bulbs will make driving at night safer for you and your family.

Best Car Air Fresheners

Many factors go into choosing the best car air freshener, but it's primarily a matter of personal preference.

The most crucial thing is that you appreciate the automobile air freshener's aroma. If an air freshener removes a terrible odor but you don't like the way it smells, for example, it's useless.

When it comes to personal preferences for different scents, there are no incorrect answers, but we believe the options below serve the fundamental aim of an air freshener while also smelling great.

Best Car Batteries

When your car won't start, it's not the best time to go battery shopping. However, most people, according to our data, do just that.

Because of heat exposure and repeated charging and discharging, your car battery will most likely need to be replaced once or twice over the life of your vehicle.

A dead battery can be a big pain, especially if you can't find your jumper cables or don't have time to call for help.

Taking care of your battery will help it last as long as possible, and paying attention to its condition and age will let you know when it's time to start looking for a replacement before you're left stranded.

Best Car Cleaning Kits

Occasionally, the convenience of auto cleaning kits is too excellent to pass up. When you're not sure what you'll need to detail and clean your car completely, these kits include it all in one easy box so you don't have to pick and choose.

For you, we've combed through some of the most popular and effective cleaning kits and selected the ones we believe are the best.

Pick up one of the top all-in-one cleaning kits for your auto detailing needs to save time. Here are the top nine automobile cleaning kits available for purchase online. The following are some suggestions for selecting the appropriate battery for your needs.

Best Oil Filters

When you replace your oil, many car manufacturers recommend obtaining a new oil filter. This distance might range from 3,000 to more than 15,000 miles. That's a lot of miles, so getting the greatest oil filter possible makes sense.

The issue is that not all oil filters are made equal... Some will perform better and for a longer period of time.

It's no easy task to find the best oil filter for your vehicle, whether it's a car, truck, motorcycle, or auto-racer. That's why we've done the research and tested dozens of models to bring you the top ten best oil filters for 2020.

Best Tire Shines

The truth is, as much as we all want the best, you could never get through the endless list of tire shine products stocked in stores of all kinds, to know the best tire shine for your car tires. What makes the difference is a next-level deal. Mostly available in gel and spray, tire shine gives your tires a classy look for the ages. A high-end glossy look with a pop! Believe me, this immediately sets you aside from the rest.

What Causes Wheel Studs To Break Off?

The wheel studs are exposed to different environmental conditions, which affects these steel studs, leading to wear and tear that finally causes their breakage. However, there could be various other reasons why wheel studs may break. For example, if your technician does not fit them appropriately or if the lug nuts are loose or over tightened, it affects your wheel studs.

What Tire Pressure Is Too Low

Many times, people don’t look up at the tire pressure, even if it’s low. Driving your vehicle at low tire pressure can lower the lifespan of the tire. But they should as it affects the overall performance of the car. Many people ask this question: What tire pressure is too low? In most vehicles, you will see that the recommended tire pressure is around 35 PSI. Some vehicles may have even more. Usually, manufacturers put a sticker on the vehicle showing the recommended PSI for your car. The amount of pressure a vehicle requires usually depends on cold tire temperature.

Steering Wheel Shakes When Going Over Bumps

Your car might hit a road bump, and usually, that’s not an issue. As long as you maintain your vehicle and get it serviced from time to time, it will not be a problem. However, if you notice that the car is wobbling every time it hits a bump, then it’s going to be a problem. 

Headlights Dim When Turning Steering Wheel – What to Do?

When your headlights aren’t working correctly, driving after dusk becomes much more difficult. If the brightness of your headlights suddenly dims or fluctuates when you steer the wheels, there is an issue hiding beneath the hood of your automobile that has to be addressed. When you rotate the wheels, the EPS uses some power to turn the wheels, causing the headlights to dim. This is a typical occurrence in many automobiles. You might try turning off the air conditioner or simply increasing the RPMs (Rotation Per Minute) and rotating the wheel.